When renting Luna Escondida´s  three luxury villas, you get private use of the fully renovated and lovingly furnished estate, which gives you and your guests exclusive access to all facilities, away from the hustle of the city.

VILLA ANDREA (THE FRENCH) | capacity 6 people

Located in a secluded area on the ranch, Villa Andrea’s architectural style exudes French allure and European flair. This uniquely designed villa offers private and intimate accommodations for up to six guests. The two-level, three-bedroom, four-bathroom villa provides exceptional views of the property’s heavenly gardens and natural surroundings. It features a beautiful swimming pool for sunny days and balmy nights, and an outdoor area with lounge chairs, perfect for patio dining.

Influenced by the charm and je ne sais quoi of the French culture, this is a place for openness, creativity and inspiration. Its kitchen and dining area are ideal for welcoming Luna Escondida’s in-house chef to cook a delicious breakfast, a mid-day lunch or a table-to-farm dining experience.

VILLA ALEXANDRIA (THE AMERICAN) | capacity 10 people

Boasting Santa Fe inspired architecture that seamlessly blends in with the ranch’s traditional style, Villa Alexandria is one of Luna Escondida’s beautiful on-site homes which accommodates up to ten people. Located just steps away from one of the properties’ horse stables, the two-level, five-bedroom, seven-bathroom villa offers exceptional views of the gardens, lush greenery and a couple of playful horses.

The outdoor patio is an ideal space for relaxation and introspection; it may also serve as a gorgeous venue to host an amazing dinner party, with delicious organic gourmet food, good wine and great friends. Featuring exquisite décor that creates a cozy, yet contemporary ambiance, Villa Alexandria feels welcoming and luxurious at the same time.

VILLA VALENTINA (THE MEXICAN) | capacity 8 people

Villa Valentina is a Mexican dream come true. This Hacienda-style villa is a paradise with outstanding views of the lake and garden, and it is located next to Luna Escondida’s very own organic farm.

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