A haven so intimate you will feel right at home. Luna Escondida lives up to its name for it is a hidden gem ready to be discovered. Located fifteen minutes from the charm and excitement of downtown San Miguel de Allende, this exclusive ranch is easily accessible, yet kept carefully veiled set aside for the privacy and comfort of its select guests.

Most unique places have a great story behind them, and such is the case with Luna Escondida. A space surrounded by nature, peace and Mexican tradition, the ranch has undergone a fantastic transformation fuelled by the energy and the heart of its owners. Their wish is to share it with the world as a manifestation of love, and as part of their commitment to wellness and happiness.

A story of love at first sight, the owners of Luna Escondida met and recognized each other instantly, as if they had met before and their souls were just waiting to meet again.

After 30 wonderful years of marriage, they still feel for each other the same love of that first spark.

That energy that draws them together flows with the beautiful energy of Luna Escondida, which they lovingly nurture and want every visitor to feel and become a part of. That same love they feel for Luna Escondida with all the incredible people that help them care for it, the love they have for nature, the value they put on health and nutrition, and their love of life as a whole has led them to where they are now, welcoming you to Luna Escondida.

San Miguel de Allende, a "Magical Town" and one of Mexico's most beautiful towns, features narrow cobblestone streets adorned with colorful walls and intricate details. Its historic buildings carry a legacy of pride, tradition, culture, and music. Visit San Miguel for its standout culinary scene, blending contemporary international cuisine with traditional Mexican gourmet heritage. Don't miss the vibrant nightlife with original mixology, great bars, and excellent music.

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Scenic and evocative, Luna Escondida has every wedding or event need covered, with exquisite and enticing in-house cuisine, expert coordination, impeccable staff, a dazzling backdrop and star-studded evenings. That, and the tranquility in which guests are immersed, make it the perfect canvas to color with celebrations of love and happiness.

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